The star shares her go-to skincare products
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Covet that KarJenner glow? Us too. The famous sisters have unlimited skincare treatments and products at their disposal, but for Khloé, magic lotions, potions, and blood facials aren’t the only things she relies on to keep her skin looking ageless — and as a matter of fact, most of her routine isn’t too over-the-top at all.

“For me, ‘anti-aging’ is really all about hydration,” the 32-year-old star shares in a post on her website about her go-to skincare remedy, adding that she, like most ageless celebrities, relies on good old H20.

“Drinking lots of water is a must. I also wear sunscreen every day, especially on my hands. Hands are always out in the sun, so they age the most. I keep extra sunscreen in the glove boxes of all of my cars in case I forget. When the sun hits my hands while I’m driving, it reminds me to slather more on!!!”

Aside from hydration and sun protection, Kardashian has a few must-have products that she swears by. All of which, contrary to her sister Kim’s $814 routine, won’t break the bank.

“I also cover my face in oil every night,” she reveals. “I love Bio-Oil and Vitamin E , and I just use Aquaphor on my eyes. All of this stuff is super cheap and can be found in any drug store.”

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And it turns out she’s not relying on crazy facials with her own blood — or facials at all for that matter — to keep herself looking young. Instead, she turns to the family’s trusty dermatologist, Dr. Ourian for laser treatments when she’s in need.

“I don’t believe in extractions and don’t do facials, but I get laser treatments from Dr. Orian,” Kardashian says. “I did my first Coolaser treatment with him before I left for Cuba to even out my skin tone, and it was so traumatic, LOL!!! My skin like, peeled off. I looked CRAZY. It definitely got worse before it got better. That’s why I wore so many floppy hats in Cuba—to hide my raw skin!”

Want to see what went down with her treatment? Catch the clip above.

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— Jillian Ruffo