February 07, 2013 05:30 PM

Leave it to Khloé Kardashian Odom to make talking about tampons fun. The reality star dished on having “the talk” in the Kardashian household, competition between sisters Kourtney and Kim as to who “matured” faster and even shared some off-camera embarrassing moments — all in the name of education.

The star is teaming up with U by Kotex to dispel myths about girls’ bodies (and promoting the “Generation Know” bracelet to spread the word). Naturally, a few sensitive subjects came up in conversation.

“Kim is younger than Kourtney, and [she] started going into womanhood earlier than Kourtney,” she says. “I remember Kourtney was really mad about it. It was like a competition, for some reason!” Her own experience, she recalls, was embarrassing but the conversation was very open. We’d expect no less from the Kardashian household.

Khloé also gives a sneak peek into the Odom household for Valentine’s Day. We imagined it involves spraying a lot of Unbreakable, so we asked: if your sisters and their boyfriends had a unisex fragrance, what would it be called? For Scott and Kourtney? “Moody.” And Kim and Kanye? “Leather? Something very chic.” Can’t argue with that!

To learn more about the U by Kotex “I Know” initiative, watch Khloé’s funny interview with us above, and visit GenerationKnow.com. Tell us: Do you have any funny period stories?

–Alex Apatoff

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