The reality star just listed everything you need to stay looking glam after an impromptu sleepover

By Emily Kirkpatrick
Updated November 17, 2016 02:18 PM

While the Kardashians are notoriously secretive about their relationships when they first start, it seems Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson are finally ready to officially be an item. Between flashing their matching bling on Instagram and making out on the dance floor on Halloween, there’s no denying the pair are the real deal. But being in a relationship also means spending copious amounts of time at that other person’s place without any of your go-to toiletries (or, in Khloé’s case, her master bedroom-sized makeup room). That’s why the reality star has helpfully thrown together a list of must-haves to keep in your overnight bag so you can get your paparazzi-worthy glam on in a pinch. (Could any recent real-life situations have inspired this, we wonder?)

In the latest post on her website, Khloé writes, “If you’re planning on spending the night at your boyfriend’s (or girlfriend’s) place you gotta be prepared, honey! There are some items I think you always need! Whether you’ve been dating your boo for a while and have a shelf in his bathroom or are going to a new guy’s house for a movie night that may turn into more ?.”

And the Revenge Body host is here to tell you exactly what she packs for when she needs to stay fresh on the go. Under her “Makeup Must-Haves,” Khloé writes, “If I’m spending the night at a guy’s place, a toothbrush, toothpaste and deodorant are absolute necessities in my makeup bag. Being smelly is just not an option! I also carry a travel-size face wash, moisturizer and Summer’s Eve wipes. I think every girl should carry the purse-size packs in their bag, even for after the gym!”

As for her “Sleepover Makeup Routine,” she says, “I think whether or not you take off your makeup when sleeping over at your man’s place is a totally personal thing. It depends on your comfort level and how long you’ve known the guy. I’ll typically wash my face but still spot treat with concealer, use a little eyebrow pencil and mascara. There’s no shame in getting all glammed up for a date but I wouldn’t want to shock anyone too soon by taking everything off.” Clearly, Khloé is of the Charlotte Tilbury school of keeping your man.

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