The reality star credits her fab figure to a cleanse and Pilates

David Crotty/

It took a cleanse and some cellulite busting, but Khloé Kardashian Odom says she’s finally feeling bikini-ready. “I went on a Quick Trim cleanse for five days, and I was crazy,” she told PEOPLE in Bel Air on Saturday at a pool party celebrating swimsuit designer Shay Todd. “No food, nothing. I was so proud of myself for doing it. I don’t know how I did it for five days … [but] I lasted.” The reality star, who attributes her fine form to hikes and Pilates, too, recently took the Nivea ‘Good-bye Cellulite, Hello Bikini! Challenge,’ a program combining fitness, nutrition, skincare and style to help women reduce the appearance of cellulite. But that doesn’t mean she always feels perfectly pretty in her swimsuits. “Sometimes I’m just not in the mood to be in a bikini,” she shared, adding, “one-pieces don’t … have to be ugly.” Kardashian Odom had the chance to design her own suits when she and her sisters collaborated with Beach Bunny last year. “I love that I had the opportunity to make one-pieces that are still fun and stylish, and they’re not for an older woman,” she said. “They’re so fun and glamorous, we call them ‘photo shoot bikinis’ because that stuff you can wear in a photo shoot. They’re amazing.” And while working with her sisters — again — could’ve caused some drama, Kardashian Odom says the process was super smooth. “We work well together,” she explained. “We have fights, but it’s the best thing. Having three different body types, three different total fashion ideas … it’s so cool because [with Beach Bunny], I feel like we hit so many different demographics and body types.” –Reporting by Jessica Wedemeyer