The reality star wore a see-through lingerie bodysuit on her hairstylist's Instagram

By Emily Kirkpatrick
Updated February 09, 2017 09:37 AM
Jen Atkin/Instagram

The Kardashian-Jenner sisters have made no bones about the fact that they are extremely body positive. As in, there is probably nothing in the world that you could say to shame them out of wearing exactly what they want to wear or stop them from posting an array of semi-nude photos to their Instagram accounts. They’ve also all been pretty outspoken about being proponents of freeing the nipple, from Kendall’s closet full of see-through tops to Kim’s “sheer nipple vibes” in Miami. And now it seems Khloé Kardashian is getting in on the pro-areola action, posing for a selfie in a transparent lace bodysuit.

In a portrait posted to her hairstylist Jen Atkin‘s account, Khloé shows off her latest haircut, as well as a little something extra. Atkin captioned the shot, “Back w my little A1 from Day 1 @khloekardashian” gushing over the new scissors that allowed her to cut the reality star’s hair so perfectly blunt. In the image, the Revenge Body host also shows off a full smoky eye, red lip, and a sheer white Gooseberry Intimates bodysuit over which Atkin has placed two red heart emojis to obscure her nipples and keep things Instagram-appropriate.

The reality star has warned us in the past about her proclivities to go sans-bra, saying in one of People‘s “5 Questions” videos, “I don’t mind a good nipple. We all have them. They are just not as offensive to me as they are to other people. I obviously don’t want a nip slip, but if it happens, it’s not like, ‘Omg I’m so humiliated.’ It’s not the end of the world to me. Other slips would be the end of the world to me, but nip slips I’m just like, ‘Everyone has them who cares.’” As for nipple covers, she adds, “I literally don’t like to use them and Monica is the one who forces me to use them. I’m like Monica, get over it. It’s my boobs I don’t care. She’s like my mom I love her.” So it seems when Monica’s away, Khloé’s heart emojis come out to play.

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