October 18, 2012 03:00 PM

Courtesy Lighthouse Beauty

Last year, Khloé Kardashian and Lamar Odom shared their ‘Unbreakable’ bond through their first unisex fragrance. But this year, the couple is all about joy; specifically, Unbreakable Joy, a follow-up scent for men and women, out just for the holidays.

“The holiday season is all about surrounding yourself with the ones you adore, and we wanted to create a fragrance that really captures that overpowering joy you feel during this wonderful time,” Khloé says in a release.

To do that, the pair picked notes of fresh spices, champagne, jasmine, chocolate truffle, cedar wood and musk — “the ingredients this charismatic couple surrounds themselves with during the holidays,” according to a release.

The ad (see it exclusively here, at left) reflects that theme of joy, too, with a heartfelt message from Lamar to his bride; the campaign is representative of the couple’s love and the bond they share.

Unbreakable Joy comes in a red glass bottle, which features silver foil bubbles that represent champagne — and the festive spirit of the season. The scent retails for $45 on perfumania.com. Tell us: Will you try Khloé and Lamar’s new fragrance? 


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