See Kerry Washington's sweet tribute to the legendary shoe designer

Kerry Washington didn’t dial back her style on the red carpet circuit when she was pregnant last year (remember this crop top moment?) but she had one woman wishing she would: Her mom, who wanted Washington to leave her towering stilettos at home.

But in her Daily Front Row Fashion Los Angeles Awards tribute to Christian Louboutin Thursday night, Washington says she never had a reason to worry — no matter how high the heel.

Kerry Washington Oscars 2014

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“Last year at the Oscars when I presented I was, I don’t know, like, 12 months pregnant, and I insisted on wearing Louboutins,” she said in her speech, before presenting Louboutin with the Shoe Designer of the Year award. “And my mother said she held her breath the whole time … her nightmare was I would trip and fall and what would that mean? And I said, ‘No, I’ll be fine because I knew with [Louboutin], I have nothing to worry about. Your shoes are so beautifully crafted that I’ll always be in balance when I’m with you.”

Washington’s devotion to the designer goes back many years, to when she decided to get serious about her public persona and develop a character she called “Red Carpet Kerry.” In her speech, she said that finding her “sole-mate” helped her become the fashion star she is today.

“I never really know who a character is until I know what shoes she wears because the shoe you wear defines how you stand in the world. I discovered you at a time when I was looking for a character that was much more personal,” she says. “I [was] searching for who I am when I’m out there in the world standing behind my work, and when I slipped on my first red sole, I knew who I was in that world. … I’m so grateful that you helped me to find myself and I always know when I need to feel my most secure, I will feel my most secure when I’m floating on a pair of red soles.”

Do you have a pair of shoes that makes you feel that way? Can you believe she wore 6-in. heels while pregnant?

–Alex Apatoff, reporting by Abby Stern

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