The hero of the debates explains how he picked his instantly iconic look

By Alex Apatoff
Updated October 11, 2016 09:30 AM
Credit: Source: CNN

If you’ve been on social media in between last night’s presidential debates and this very moment, you already know that the true star of the debate was Kenneth Bone. Or, as Bone himself put it on The Morning After St. Louis radio program: “I actually think that the sweater was the star, and I just was wearing it.”

So how did the elegant, cranberry-colored, cableknit half-zip sweater get its moment in the spotlight? It wasn’t always supposed to shine. “As far as the sweater — that was actually the backup plan,” he told the radio hosts. “I had this really lovely olive suit that I was going to wear, and I split the seat of my pants as I was getting into my car to leave to my debate. I swear to you: Sweater was plan B.”

The radio hosts were dubious, and asked him how he split his pants. Was he squatting aggressively? “No, I’m just fat!” he cheerfully replied. “That’s the consequence of eating like an athlete and not training like one.”

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Though Bone says he remains undecided as to which candidate he will be voting for, he is fully committed to the sweater that made him a star, even rocking it on CNN this morning.

Is it too much to ask for a Ken Bone line of sweaters in every color? In the meantime, you can get that Ken Bone Look in a similar style from IZOD — thought we can’t guarantee you the same level of overnight fame it brought Kenneth.