November 02, 2015 02:07 PM

We’ve heard of people spending whole weekends not wearing pants before, but that’s usually in the context of a Netflix (with or without the “chill”) marathon. When Kendall Jenner spends the weekend not wearing pants, she’s doing it in the name of high fashion.

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She kicked things off Friday night at the Del Toro x Chandler Parsons launch at the Beverly Hills Saks wearing a sweatshirt that’s a signature Givenchy style: The snarling rottweiler. Not only has Jenner worn this top before (though with pants in the past), it’s also a fave of her brother-in-law, who had one of our all-time-favorite Fashion Faceoffs with Liv Tyler while wearing it.

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The sequins give Jenner’s top a more feminine vibe than West’s snarling-dog sweatshirt — not to mention the neck scarf she tied on and the calf-high boots she teamed it with.

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She followed up her no-pants Friday with an equally bold look Saturday, wearing only a Shady Zeineldine bodysuit and fishnets (plus a gray wig and knee-high Sophia Webster boots) to be “Lady Karl” — a tribute to her “BFF” and Chanel creative director Karl Lagerfeld. And yes, her pal is meant to be Lagerfeld’s spoiled cat Choupette. (No word on whether Lagerfeld approves, but we’re guessing in his mind, no pants are better than sweatpants.)

How many pants did you wear this weekend?

–Alex Apatoff

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