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November 29, 2016 09:27 AM

The Kardashian-Jenner ladies have long been responsible for providing us with an endless parade of intriguing fashion choices. These are the women who pioneered pantsless-ness into perfectly acceptable going out attire, have single-handedly reclaimed and embraced the celebrity nip slip (they’re all about those see-through shirt vibes), and against all odds have inexplicably managed to make bicycle shorts and corsetry as outerwear a thing. So, of course, when Kendall Jenner stepped out in Paris on Tuesday, we should have expected nothing less than yet another groundbreaking lewk that, though it may baffle the general proletariat, is sure to be seen on the feet of every single It Girl in a matter of minutes.

Kendall is currently in the City of Lights to resume her role on the Victoria’s Secret runway for the second year in a row, participating in the lingerie brand’s first international foray in Paris. The outfit she wore to walk around the French capital is pretty standard sartorial fodder for the model, consisting of some flat top sunglasses, a cropped sweatshirt, fur coat and cut-off denim shorts. But the real point of interest here is the reality star’s choice in footwear.

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At first glance, these heels appear to be a simple pair of leather thigh-high boots, a tried and true KarJenner staple. In fact, the family is so committed to this aesthetic, they’ve been wearing variations on this exact look throughout the sweltering summer months.

Pierre Suu/GC

Upon closer inspection, however, it becomes clear that these are not the model’s typical shoes. She’s wearing a pair of Christian Louboutin “Andalou” booties (which can be yours for a cool $1,995) paired with a separate set of leather leg warmers as indicated by the small ankle zipper going up the side.

But after a lot of squinting, zooming in, and a 360 virtual reconstruction of this ensemble, all was finally revealed. It turns out these leg coverings in question are in fact not shoes or leg warmers at all, but rather CHAPS. That’s right, Kendall is giving Riri a run for her Manolo Blahnik money in a pair of leather chap leggings that, at certain angles, can be seen going all the way up the side of her leg and fastening to the side of her denim short shorts. So while Kendall is prepping to walk the Victoria’s Secret runway, it appears she’s also perfectly ready to wrangle a stampeding steer or two should the need arise.

What do you think of Kendall’s latest fashion statement? Would you wear it? Sound off below!

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