Kendall Jenner Has Decided 'This' Street Style Look Is Now Her Preferred #OOTD

The model breaks down her off-duty style

Kendall Jenner inspires fashion trends with her bold choices
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Remember when Kendall Jenner stepped out in a ripped concert tee and an exposed bralette earlier this month and we were all captivated (and confused)? Well, according to the supermodel, you might be seeing a lot more of those boundary-pushing outfits, as she just announced the grunge-inspired ensemble is her street style look of choice.

Just like the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner fam, Jenner, 20, relies on the professional styling of Monica Rose to keep her wardrobe in check.

“Since Monica styles most of us, it’s funny to see which sister actually gets ‘credit,'” Jenner wrote on her app/website. “Since Kylie is such a street-style girl, people always think she started something — so annoying, lol. I wore a ripped rocker tee with my bralette one day and she did the same thing the very next! We’ve always been at war over clothes, haha!”

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And now that she’s solidified her spot in the fashion world, Jenner says she’s finally caught up with her super-stylish sisters and has discovered her style stride — and it’s all about vintage.

“I was just thinking the other day, I’ve never inherently had good style like my sisters. Kylie always had it together, and I was annoyed with myself for being so unsure,” she said. “More recently, I’ve finally hit my style stride: It’s that vintage, cool-girl grungy look. Khloé calls it ‘rockstar’s wife’ — SO good, right? I think once I identified that vibe, I realized I can dress how I feel and still be cool.”

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In a recent interview with Rose, the stylist explained to PeopleStyle the reasoning behind Jenner’s “cool” cut-up tops.

“The cutting of the shirts just recently started because whenever we’re in fittings and we’re in the moment, and I feel like something needs to be cut, I’ll literally take out my scissors and start cutting,” she shared at the opening of the Six:02 shop in New York City. “I’m like, ‘Keep turning, keep turning, keep turning.'”

Rose added: “I think it also came from having such cool bralettes and really cool undergarments, that I kinda wanted a peekaboo of it,” she shared. “And who wouldn’t wear a crop top if you had Kendall Jenner’s body? On some [she’s doing them herself], but most fittings we do cuttings.”

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