And she's starring in the new Estée Lauder video!

We’re pretty sure it’s fair to call Kendall Jenner a supermodel at this point. She walked in the buzziest shows during New York Fashion Week, knows all the insider modeling tricks (like wearing the cool-girl glasses of the moment), has a lipstick named after her and now, she’s fronting the latest Estée Lauder video. So when you’re one of the busiest in the business, what’s always in one’s carryon? We caught up with her to find out.

Kendall Jenner

Courtesy Estée Lauder

Jenner’s new Estée Lauder ad starts out with party guests glued to their phones, and it isn’t until the phone batteries die and the new Double Wear Makeup To-Go Liquid Compact comes out that the real fun begins. So we can assume she’s always got that on hand for the right moment at a party. (That and her Nour Hammour leather jacket — a slightly bigger splurge at $1,870.) But what exactly are Jenner’s other on-the-go essentials?

First, she says she makes sure to wash her face and moisturize as much as possible. “With all the flying I do I need to have a concrete plan for my skin,” Jenner tells PEOPLE. “The plane always dries my skin out.” Which she combats by drinking lots of water and keeping products from the brand in her bag — the aforementioned compact, a Little Black Primer and Pure Color Envy Liquid Lip Potion.

And keeping in mind she’s mastered the art of shaving her legs while riding in a motor vehicle, her key tips to applying makeup en route is to “always use light foundation and keep it natural,” she shares. (A tad different than sister Kylie’s makeup motto!)

But her real secret to maintaining a crazy schedule: “Balance is key.” She goes on to explain that she always tries to make time for family, friends and herself. But she’s quick to add, “Of course, work is always important.”

What do you think of Jenner’s beauty tips? What on-the-go tricks do you swear by? Tell us in the comments below!

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–Colleen Kratofil