Kendall Jenner Responds to Claims She Photoshopped Bikini Pic by Showing Off 'Bizarre' Long Hands

The supermodel showed off some live video footage of her long hand and fingers on pal Hailey Bieber's Instagram Story to debunk the fan theory

Kendall Jenner Responds to Claims She Photoshopped Bikini Photo by Showing Off Her ‘Crazy’ Long Hands
Kendall Jenner. Photo: Kendall Jenner Instagram; Hailey Bieber Instagram

Kendall Jenner is debunking the theory that she Photoshopped a recent bikini shot.

On Saturday, a wet-haired Jenner posted a cheeky shot in a thong with her backside exposed to the camera, squatting on a cement block with the backdrop of grass-covered dunes and blue waters, pairing the barely there bottoms with a matching bikini top.

Appearing to use the fingertips of her hand to help hold her crouched pose, that's where the scrutiny came in. Because of the angle, her hand and fingers appeared unnaturally long to some.

But with help from pal Hailey Bieber, the 27-year-old supermodel showed off some live video footage of her long hand and fingers on Bieber's Instagram Story Wednesday.

"Look at how bizarre her hand looks normally!" Bieber, 26, said as Jenner showed the same angle of her hand from the photo while giggling in a white cropped tee and belted oversized jeans. "This is live — live footage of the hand!"

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In the comments section of Jenner's original post, one follower had written, "Why? What is wrong with your fingers?"

"What up with that hand tho?" commented another, while a third said, "I'm screaming please look at her giant hand."

Numerous fans kicked off with similar comments, many posting alien emojis.

"Im here after Hailey Bieber's ig story showing Kendall's hands," wrote a newcomer.

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Jenner has never shied away from posting nude or next-to-nude pictures throughout the years. Last June, she shared a snapshot of herself lying out in the sun, wearing nothing but a green baseball cap.

In June 2019, she posted several naked selfies in a bathtub (making fun of her "alien" hands!) while the following month, she shared a racy pic from a photoshoot on Instagram where she bared it all.

Last April, the Kardashians star posed topless as she lounged poolside with a bottle of 818 Tequila, her liquor brand.

In a photo shared on Instagram, she wore only her purple swimsuit bottoms as she looked off into the distance. Jenner covered her chest with one arm across her body and had a bottle of her aged Anejo tequila in her other hand.

In an episode of Vogue's Life in Looks series in September 2022, Jenner addressed how comfortable she is with her body. Walking down memory lane, she opened up about the nipple-baring ribbed V-neck top she wore for the Marc Jacobs Fall 2014 show.

"This was my first high-fashion show, and it was for Marc Jacobs," Jenner recalled. "I actually could not believe that I was there."

"I was pretty chill even though my boobies were out," she noted, adding that she was "game" when it came down to the revealing moment.

"I'm all good with the nipple so it didn't make me any more nervous," Jenner said. "I genuinely was like, 'Dope — whatever they want.' "

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