The model attended a fashion show wearing some very, very tiny eyeglasses

By Emily Kirkpatrick
Updated June 14, 2016 03:44 PM

Trends, by their nature, are already fleeting. Though they enter your wardrobe with much fanfare and frenzied purchases, a few months later they’re already on their way out the door. But if you’re a part of the Kardashian-Jenner crew, and are photographed on the daily in all of the latest cutting-edge apparel, you speed through that trend cycle at about quadruple the pace of your average fashion consumer. Which means, to keep on the cutting-edge of cool, occasionally they have to pioneer their own trends, pushing things to the brink of good taste so that the rest of us may timidly follow suit. And Kendall has done just that with her latest pair of eyeglasses.

Kevin Winter/Getty

Kevin Winter/Getty

On Saturday, Kendall attended Oddfuture’s first ever runway show alongside her brother-in-law Kanye West. Considering the streetwear brand’s penchant for super saturated, bright colors and throwback styles, Kendall must have decided to follow suit, pushing past her typical safe place of thigh-high boots and denim short-short and slipping into a canary yellow skirt-suit with just a lacy black bra and a body chain underneath, showing off her fresh new haircut and a pair of what might be the world’s tiniest tortoiseshell glasses, perfect for the model’s job moonlighting at the reference desk of her local public library.

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But in case you were worried that she retired her OTK boots for the summer, don’t stress. Kendall stepped out Monday with Khloé and Scott in her true uniform: denim short-shorts, a band tee, cloth bomber and sand suede thigh-high stunners.

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–Emily Kirkpatrick