January 26, 2017 12:05 PM
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From Instyle.com:

Kendall Jenner used her website Thursday to discuss one of her favorite pieces of jewelry: chokers. More specifically, fabric chokers, and her complete aversion to the trend once beloved by Jenner and her relatives.

“It’s so funny how trends come and go,” she wrote. “One minute, I’ll be super into something and then next day I feel like I never want to see it again! I know, I was wearing fabric chokers all the time—and it’s not to say I don’t still love them—but I’m over them right now.”

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You heard it here first: Kendall Jenner is so over fabric chokers. But if you’re one of those who feels naked with an exposed neck, don’t worry, Jenner is still into chokers of the chain variety: “Instead of fabric, I’m obsessed with chain or diamond chokers right now. Anything mixed materials is fun, too! I love layering them on and piling as much cool jewelry on as I can. It’s a fun statement without being too much.”

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Once you’ve finally uncovered all your mirrors and ended your mandatory month-long period of mourning for fabric chokers, why not shop Jenner’s new favorite trend, the chain choker? They’ll go perfectly with all those pieces from her Kendall + Kylie collection you ordered earlier this week.


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