After a wardrobe change, the model was donning a purple and blue slip dress
Thibault Monnier/Pacific Coast News
Credit: Thibault Monnier/Pacific Coast News

Kendall Jenner knows how to heat up a modeling gig.

The 21-year-old reality star and supermodel made it clear that winter is coming to an end with a steamy lingerie-clad photo shoot in Miami, Florida, on Sunday. Jenner posed in a lacy two-piece number that showed off her toned figure against a background of colorful flowers.

Jenner’s red lipstick perfectly matched her skimpy ensemble, and her shoulder-skimming hair was parted down the middle for a chic finish.

After a wardrobe change, the model donned a purple and blue slip dress.

This isn’t the first time Jenner rocked red lingerie. During her second year on the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show runway, she ruled the catwalk in the color, donning a bustier-style lace red bra, a tiny lace thong and thigh-high gold and aqua-embellished red boots. And let’s not forget — the model also donned her first pair of coveted wings for the gig.

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Although the model indulges in the occasional McDonald’s run, she revealed in a post on her app that her abs are her “favorite thing to work out.”

“I love it when my trainer, Gunnar Peterson, kills my abs. The next day, it hurts to even laugh. That’s how I know I’m doing the exercises right!” she says.

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