The supermodel opens up to PEOPLE about her celebrity doppelganger

By catherinekast
Updated June 26, 2015 01:00 PM

Lots of celebs look like other celebs. In fact, we have an entire gallery on devoted to twinsies in Tinseltown. It’s a thing. Model Kendall Jenner’s doppelgänger happens to be iconic ’70s actress Ali MacGraw. Yes, we see the resemblance, but it’s Jenner’s reaction to the comparison that reminds us that despite the major ad campaigns, black-tie yachting, and jet-setting all over the world for photo shoots, she’s still a normal teenager.

Kendall Jenner, Ali MacGraw

Getty; Everett

“My mom would hear from her friends that they thought I looked like her,” Jenner tells PEOPLE. “She made me watch Love Story, but I fell asleep halfway through.”

But just because MacGraw’s film didn’t thrill her, it doesn’t mean Jenner is unappreciative of the similarities they share: “She’s beautiful, she’s an icon, so it’s really awesome to hear.”

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–Catherine Kast

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