August 25, 2016 06:33 AM

While there may have been some debate in the past as to the legitimacy of Kendall Jenner‘s claim to the title of full-blown supermodel, after securing her first official Vogue cover (and for the coveted September issue no less) there can be no denying that the reality star has officially made it as a professional poser. And on Wednesday night, the catwalk phenomenon went on Jimmy Kimmel Live to discuss everything that went on behind the scenes to make this major cover shoot happen.

Kendall sat down with the talk show host to discuss her turn as a Vogue covergirl, with Kimmel quipping that the giant fashion magazine probably weighs more than she does. When asked if she was happy with the cover, the model gushed, “I’m so happy. Honestly, I can’t even believe I’m here doing this right now for this magazine, for this month, and issue, and everything. It’s the craziest thing in the world.”

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And it turns out this cover was also the impetus behind Kendall’s dramatic hair transformation, chopping her long locks just prior to doing this photo shoot. While Kimmel seems gobsmacked at the notion of making such a major change immediately prior to the biggest shoot of your career, Kendall insists, “They wanted me to! And honestly, I wanted the change, I was ready for it. I’d talked before about cutting my hair super short before.”

The host then asked how involved she was in making that decision, or whether there are people around her saying, “No, your hair is a national treasure, we must protect it.” The model replied, “They kind of wanted something and I looked at the idea and I was like what if we did this, so we all collaborated. But yeah, there’s a few obstacles I had to get through to approve it with certain people and stuff.” Kimmel then gives voice to exactly what we were all thinking, saying, “That’s weird. You realize how strange that is that you’re in a position in your life where people weigh in on your hair and what it’s going to be like, right?”

Kendall’s makeup artist Ariel Tejada also snapchatted her appearance as it was happening live, helpfully pointing out a pimple he’d manage to nearly perfectly camouflage on the model’s face. It’s nice to know that even the most genetically blessed amongst us still suffer from human pitfalls. But with friends like Ariel, who needs paparazzi.

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