Kendall Jenner Is On Fire in Love Magazine's Christmas' Eve Advent Video

Kendall Jenner models for her life as a forest burns down around her in Love Magazine's Christmas Eve video.

Sure, the Disney classic Bambi is one of the greatest, most heart-wrenching children’s films of all time. But you know what would make that cinematic masterpiece really pop? If you swapped out the deer for a lingerie-clad Kendall Jenner, shortened the whole thing to under two minutes, and just focused on that emotionally ruthless forest fire scene at the very end.

Kendall Jenner Love Magazine Christmas Eve

Courtesy Love Magazine

Love magazine clearly couldn’t agree more, debuting their Christmas Eve advent calendar video today, which once again features their day 1 star, Kendall. But this time, the model of the moment ditched that stuffy shark suit only to be reborn from the smoldering ashes, or you know, the raging inferno behind her, into the true Victoria’s Secret girl she was always meant to be. Fittingly appareled in only a lacy, sheer bodysuit, thigh-highs, and a mink coat casually draped across her shoulders, Jenner stalks about the woodland seemingly impervious to the conflagration by which she finds herself consumed.

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With deep, vampy lips, dramatic Voguing, and a whole lot of very intense, prolonged eye contact, the video also seems to imply that Jenner might not be the innocent doe we first believed her to be, but rather a nefarious witch of the highest order who is actually the cause of all this chaos. Or, perhaps she’s just auditioning to take over for Smokey the Bear and make a powerful anti-forest fire message. It’s art, you guys.

What do you think of Love’s latest video? Would you see a remake of Bambi with Kendall as the star? Who do you think the magazine’s saving for Christmas Day?

–Emily Kirkpatrick

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