August 22, 2017 02:45 PM

Kendall Jenner might not have her own makeup line like her sisters Kim and Kylie, but the star is here to show you that she does in fact know how to do her own makeup.

In order to prove her skills, the Estée Lauder face shot a video for Vogue, in which she applies her whole everyday look in just two minutes. And she’s had a lot of practice with fast makeup application, revealing, “I’ve done my makeup in cars, in porta-potties — I’m not kidding.”

To begin everyday glam, Jenner first uses a brush to apply a thin later of Estée Lauder Double Wear Nude foundation all over, sticking with a light layer in order to avoid a heavy look. Then, she covers spots and under eye circles with concealer and blends with her fingers. “I hate when I have cakey makeup on,” she says.

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When it comes to her brows, she fills them in — but she leaves the real taming work to the pros, thanks to one experience when she was 14 and plucked her brows down to a thin line. “My sisters yelled at me, they threw out all the tweezers in the house,” she shares. “I’ve never touched them ever since.”

Her favorite part of her makeup routine? Bronzer. She applies it on her cheekbones and neck, and then gives the product a double-duty use by sweeping it on her lids as eye shadow. For mascara, she says, “I don’t do a ton and I’ll do it mainly at the root.”

To finish her look, Jenner says she “doesn’t really put lipstick on,” instead she avoids smearing by dabbing ipstick on her lips and then tapping it in with her fingers to accentuate her natural lip color. And unlike her sister Kylie, who has built an empire on matte lipsticks, Kendall says she prefers a glossy finish — which she’ll achieve with lip gloss or balm layered over her base lipstick.

What does your everyday makeup routine entail? Sound off in the comments below.

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