Kendall Jenner's Colorist on Bringing the Model Back to Brunette for the Emmys: 'She's Happy'

The supermodel proves she's the ultimate hair color chameleon by going from brunette to blonde (and back!) in just a matter of days

Kendall Jenner shocked fans when she hit the Burberry runway with bright blonde highlights last week. But everyone was even more surprised to see the supermodel at the Emmys on Sunday night as a brunette again. While many were left convinced that Jenner’s brief stint as a blonde was courtesy of a very realistic-looking wig, colorist Cassondra Kaeding, who transformed the star’s hair deep brown again, broke down the dramatic change.

“She loved the blonde but was so happy to be back to her natural hair color. It will be less maintenance then staying blonde because her natural is dark,” Kaeding tells PEOPLE exclusively.

Since Jenner’s natural hair color is dark brown, Kaeding took the model, 23, a “half a shade deeper” than that. She says, “It will soften slightly and match her natural hair color perfectly.”

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To bring her back to brunette, Kaeding first “filled the hair with the red and gold pigments, then applied a neutral dark brown hair color to the roots and mid-lengths.” She adds: “Then I pulled the color through the ends and finished with a clear gloss for shine.”

The entire process, Kaeding explains, took about three-and-a-half hours altogether. “When going from light to dark its really just a waiting game. Color needs times to deposit and I wanted to make sure we took every necessary steps to achieve Kendall’s desired hair color,” she says.

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While Jenner’s done two big hair color changes only days apart, Kaeding says the star likely won’t do another anytime soon.

“She will keep her dark hair,” she says. “It’s also best to not do any other hair color processes after you have made two big changes in a matter of days.”

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