She’s just trying to remember basic survival skills

By Sharon Kanter
Updated March 17, 2016 01:00 PM

Kendall Jenner has quite the stare! Of course, that’s what she gets paid for. The model, who spent most of February and early March traveling the world to walk in the Fall/Winter 2016 season of fashion shows, said that’s because she’s just trying to remember basic survival skills.

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“I always forget to breathe when I’m walking,” she told PeopleStyle recently when we caught up with her to chat about her new Estée Lauder eye shadow palette. “I’m breathing, but not how I normally would.”

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That’s because she has a lot on her mind going down the runway, seen above at Chanel and Vera Wang. “You’re keeping this face and you want to keep your composure and make sure you don’t fall and stuff,” she said. Hence, her avoidance of eye contact, too. “I’m also like, ‘Don’t look at anyone; don’t make eye contact.’ Sometimes when I do glance over and see someone famous, I get even more nervous because I forget that people actually show up to these things. I’m like, “Oh no!” but then I keep going. You just think it’s all these random people. But it’s not, at all.”

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So, which shows has she enjoyed most? Marc Jacobs landed at the top of her list (shown above). “I truly loved the Marc Jacobs show,” she said. “I had chills. I thought it was so good; one of his best. I truly thought it was so beautiful.”

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—Andrea Lavinthal