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After several seasons of successful collaborations with Topshop, Steve Madden and PacSun, Kendall and Kylie Jenner are ready to branch out on their own, debuting their brand-new shoe line and apparel collection in FootwearNews and WWD Friday. There’s a lot that won’t surprise you — the shoes are sky-high, are black and/or white and feature laces — but one thing definitely will: The sisters got no input from their stylish big siblings, the Kardashians, before taking the shoes to the streets.

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“We don’t want their opinion on it because we want it to be very ‘us.’ We don’t show them anything until it’s done and out,” Kendall tells Footwear News while giving them a look at the shoe line. “We all have similar styles but different tastes.”

Those tastes run to styles you’ve definitely seen them wear before: lace-up heels, pointy-pumps, open-toe booties. And why not? “A lot of people ‘like’ what we wear and what we love. Why not wear your own stuff?” Kylie says. But she definitely won’t be wearing the flats in the collection: “I don’t wear flats. Ever. I don’t own a pair, not even gladiators,” she says. “Just a few sneakers — that’s the only time I’ll wear a flat. Heels make me feel so much better. I’m not as skinny as Kendall, so when I’m in heels, it makes my legs look longer and slimmer.”

Kendall, on the other hand, is “super into flats,” but don’t hold your breath for a chunky wooden sole in the collection. “I’m not into clogs. No, you won’t find a Kendall + Kylie clog,” she says.

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The shoe collection will launch in spring 2016 with about 70 styles, while the spring launch of the clothing line will feature dresses, jeans and jumpsuits, all under $250. And they promise both will be more sophisticated than their previous collections. “It’s fun because the clothes and shoes we have created are very different than what we would have done two years ago,” Kylie says.

And it will also differ in that you won’t see the two sisters modeling their own lines, as they have in the past. “Designing is something that we’ve always wanted to do,” Kendall tells WWD. “I think it’s really cool to kind of step back and put the looks together and be a part of the shoot when it’s a different model modeling it and actually being the creative person behind it.”

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Nikko La Mere

Despite their fame, fortune and 60 zillion Instagram followers, both girls say that they’re still growing and changing, with all the difficulties that entails. “Going through puberty, you get t–s, an ass and you learn how to dress for your body,” Kendall explains. “That’s something we both had to figure out. You get more confident with yourself and what you like. Everyone’s always changing — liking things for five minutes and then moving on.”

Kylie, however, is still working on the self-esteem element. “I’m not that confident — it’s sad, I know. People would be surprised to know that. But I like to think that I rock everything I wear, and shoes can make you more confident.”

On that note, the publication asked: If the girls were a shoe, what would they be? “I’m a lace-up thigh-high.” Kylie says, while Kendall declares, “I’m like a cool boot heel. Or a bright metallic pump, like my Manolos.”

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— Alex Apatoff

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