These celebs all opted for fresh fall lobs

By Emily Kirkpatrick
Updated December 19, 2019 08:07 AM
Kelly Rowland
Credit: Source: Kelly Rowland/Instagram

It’s hard to believe, but September is almost here, which for many out there means only one thing — back to school. And even if you won’t personally be hitting the books, there’s still something about this time of year that inspires grand plans of reinvention and finding new ways to demonstrate to everyone you know just how much you’ve really changed over the summer. And according to Kelly Rowland, Vanesssa Hudgens, and Shanina Shaik the only surefire way to convey that message is with a freshly shorn do.

While many of you will forever have the image of an early-aughts feather bobbed Kelly Rowland burned in your mind’s eye, the former Destiny’s Child member has actually been rocking long hair for years now. But on Wednesday, the singer took the plunge, cutting off over a foot of hair for a super straight do that ends just at her collarbone.

Shanina Shaik also chose this week to go short, taking her hair from bust-length to her shoulder, playing up her naturally tousled texture. The model took a mirror selfie to celebrate the occasion, captioning the shot, “short hair she don’t care ??#ididthechop Thank you @florido ❤️”

And yes, we know, it seems like every time you blink Vanessa Hudgens pops up with a totally new beauty look, but who can blame the girl for her acute understanding of the instantaneous transformative power of extensions.Yesterday, we told you the actress was rocking long red hair, but today, forget everything you thought you knew about the actress’s follicular stylings because today she’s back to her signature lightly ombré, shoulder-grazing look.

With all these stars chopping their hair short for the end of summer, there can be only one explanation for this onslaught of sudden hair transformations. It must be the season of the lob.

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