Kelly Rowland Shares Her Favorite Beauty Products and What Makes Her Feel Powerful

Hint: One of her products was created by Jessica Alba

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We’d be lying if we said we weren’t dying to know every detail about Kelly Rowland‘s beauty routine. The 37-year-old star, who recently reunited with her Destiny’s Child members during Beyonce’s performance at Coachella, is a total goddess both on-stage and off. And now, she’s on a mission to make women everywhere feel powerful, as she partners with Schick for their new “Unstoppable” campaign.

We spoke to the star at the brand’s event in N.Y.C., where she spilled her post-baby skincare secrets, the product she loves from Jessica Alba’s beauty line and more.

“It’s really cool to partner with [Schick]. I love this ‘Unstoppable’ campaign; it’s really encouraging women to think beyond, be beyond, dream beyond,” she tells PeopleStyle about her partnership. “You know, no matter what anyone in society you that you are, you are bigger, better and greater than that.

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For Rowland, the messaging behind the campaign connects to her own personal beauty mantra, which she explains is an inside-out approach.

“Beauty, to me, is internal. If you know who you are, what you possess as an individual and don’t let the rest of the world tell you who you are and what you should say and what you should possess, it makes you rate your own beauty and it makes you rate your own self,” she shares. “I feel like that’s incredibly important to everybody that wants to be beautiful. You have to understand it starts with you.”

But when it comes to products, there are a few things that she swears by in order to feel her prettiest on an everyday basis — one of which is a product that fellow celeb mom Jessica Alba created. And it’s so good, she says, that she uses it all over her face.

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“One beauty product that makes me feel beautiful, especially when I don’t have anything on, is the Magic Balm from Honest Beauty,” she shares of the product from Alba’s line. “It’s like my favorite new thing and I discovered it at the end of last year and I have just been like, ‘do you know how amazing this is?’ She sent me like 10. Then my makeup artist stole one, my sister stole one. I apply it to my cheeks, down the center of my nose…”

As for her skin, Rowland says she’s always sharing secrets with her fellow mom friends — Beyoncé being one of them.

“I always tell them when I bought a new cream. I went and had a facial with Shani Darden — she’s the best — she had me try her Resurface serum. It literally changed the whole game,” she says. “After I had my son, my hormones were all over the place. And it was that that changed my life.

She also swears by Darden’s $2000 LED mask, which is a favorite among many Hollywood skincare junkies. “It changes everything, because we experience so many pollutants in the air, so I felt like sanitizing anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, it’s just the coolest thing.”

And, of course, she’s obsessing over Schick’s latest launch: a two-way razor. “I needed this when I first shaved my legs at 12 or 13 years old. All I could think about was the moment I pulled the razor up and tried to go back,” she says of the Intuition F.A.B. razor, which works forwards and backwards. “This lucky new generation — they don’t understand what I went through!”

But makeup and skincare aren’t what make Rowland feel powerful on a daily basis. Instead she says, it’s “when I say something and it’s from my heart. Not from an emotional place as much as like just from my heart, from my soul,” she says. “That makes me feel empowered, when I do something and it puts in motion for another woman to want to do it.”

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