January 11, 2017 08:13 AM
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After a certain level of fame, celebrities start to become immune to spotting themselves all over the Internet. Or at least we thought they did. Not all stars may admit it, but Kelly Ripa had no problem coming clean about stalking herself on Pinterest as she was looking for some new hair inspiration.

“I signed up for Pinterest because I like to collect pictures of haircuts because I’m always looking,” the star said Wednesday morning on Live! with Kelly. ” Last night, something popped up for me and it was me!”

But Ripa explained that she wasn’t exactly seeking out her presence on Pinterest. “I didn’t ask for it. My name for Pinterest isn’t Kelly Ripa,” she said. “But Kelly Ripa popped up, suggesting to me that I should try my haircut.” And then she couldn’t look back. “So I decided to click on Kelly Ripa to see what’s going on out there in the Kelly Ripa Pinterest pages!”

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The star went on to say she got sucked into scouring the Pinterest posts of herself, and quickly realized the dangers of taking a walk down memory lane on the Internet. “It was so depressing,” Ripa said. “I kept showing my husband and going, ‘Look at me here. Look how young I am. Look at our kids. Look at how tiny they are. Look at how good my hair was. Look at how good my outfit was.'”

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Her husband of 21 years, Mark Consuelos, made sure to bring her back to reality, and get the star off Pinterest for good!

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“He was like, ‘Here’s the thing. You need to stop with the vanity because next week you’ll see a picture of you from today, and you’ll say look how much better I was then,'” Ripa continued. “He was like, ‘Seriously, get off that Pinterest page and block whatever that is!'”

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