Kelly Ripa Shows Off Her 'Extraordinarily Loud' Coat That Can 'Startle' People as She Passes

Supportive husband Mark Consuelos helped the Live with Kelly and Ryan host tout the benefits of her "sleeping bag" coat

Kelly Ripa may be small, but she's got a huge coat.

On Wednesday's episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan, Ripa, 51, defended her go-to outerwear — a coat that looks like a "sleeping bag" — while chatting with husband and guest co-host Mark Consuelos.

"You look pretty!" Consuelos said to Ripa, complimenting her dress. Ripa accepted the compliment and pointed out that her current look was a marked change from the one she wore on the commute to the studio.

"I was wearing a sleeping bag," Ripa said, explaining further: "I mean, I have a coat that a lot of people think is a sleeping bag. It's not ... But, it is made from plastic bags that were found in the ocean ... It is a very loud jacket."

Consuelos further elaborated on the jacket's merit: "It's reflective too. It feels like something you would put on to bounce satellite feedback — like if you were in Mount Everest and you lost communications they would find you."

"You could make an egg on it if it got into the sun," Conseulos joked. "It's multi-purpose."

It's also "extraordinarily loud," Ripa continued, even "louder than corduroys." But because she's usually wearing headphones, she doesn't "realize how loud it is" until she startles passersby.

Ripa's fashion reveal comes after she opened up about a different style epiphany a few months back.

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While discussing purging her closet amid the pandemic, Ripa shared she parted ways with skinny jeans.

"I have clothing that is older than my kids and they are some of the best pieces of clothing I have," Ripa shared on a past episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan. "I will never part with them even if it means I have to have them restitched at times. Sometimes I have to have them let out, sometimes I have to have them taken in, which is celebratory. But I never part with anything, ever, that's not begging to be parted with."

Skinny jeans, however, fell into that "begging to be parted with" category. "I don't need skinny jeans anymore because my boyfriend jeans now fit like skinny jeans. One of the blessings from Covid."

Thankfully, that style is also husband-approved: "I like your boyfriend jeans," said Consuelos.

Consuelos and Ripa share three kids: sons Michael, 24, and Joaquin, 18 and daughter Lola, 20.

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