Kelly Ripa Says Mark Consuelos Got Too 'Jacked' and 'Can't Fit in Any of His Clothes'

"He's cleaning out his closet and he's getting rid of all of the shirts that are too small. Which is all of the shirts," Kelly Ripa said of her husband, Mark Consuelos

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Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos. Photo: Kelly Ripa/Instagram

Mark Consuelos is doing some spring cleaning!

On Thursday's episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan, Kelly Ripa opened up about how her husband of 26 years has been tossing out his wardrobe after he recently bulked up.

"He can't fit in any of his clothes," Ripa said. "He's like, 'I can't button these shirts. Did you do something to them?' Like, 'Yeah, I secretly, behind your back, sewed them all a little bit tighter.' "

The Riverdale actor wasn't just complaining to his wife about it. As Ryan Seacrest recalled, at Consuelos' intimate birthday party last Friday, he vented to the American Idol host about it.

"[Mark] has this intense look that doesn't always match the topic of conversation. Like, he has a piercing look as if there's a major crisis he's about to tell me," Seacrest said. "And he turns to me and goes, 'Bro, I got too big.' I go, 'What do you mean you got too big?' 'I can't fit into any of my suits.' I said, 'What happened?' 'He goes, 'I was lifting weights.' Now I feel him, he's jacked, right? But it looks like his world is ending in his mind because of it."

Consuelos' world might be ending but his closet purge might have its upsides according to Ripa.

"What's funny about that is right now is he's cleaning out his closet and he's getting rid of all of the shirts that are too small. Which is all of the shirts," she explained, before referencing Timothée Chalamet's bare-chested Oscars look. "So I'm like, 'Will you be wearing a suit tonight without a shirt?' Because I'm pro Timothée Chalamet, I want to see that!"

Mark Consuelos, Kelly Ripa
Mark Consuelos/Instagram

Ripa and Consuelos have been married since 1996, having met on the set of All My Children and eloping a few years later. The couple shared three children, daughter Lola, 20, and sons Michael, 24, and Joaquin, 18.

On March 30, Consuelos turned 51, Ripa celebrating him with a series of pics on social media. "Happy birthday to the love of my life @instasuelos," she wrote on one, adding on another, "Happy birthday sexy."

She also spoke out about him on Live with Kelly and Ryan, joking about being only a few months older than him.

"You know, the exciting part about him turning 51 is that now when I read articles about us it's no longer going to be, 'The 51-year-old TV presenter and her 50-year-old husband, actor Mark Consuelos,' " she said. "Now it will be like, 'The pair, a combined 102...' "

She went on to explain that Consuelos constantly teases Ripa about her age. "He's 6 months older than me but to hear him tell it — 'I robbed the cradle, I took his youth, I'm on the prowl,' " she said. "I'm like, 'I'm 6 months older than you, what are you talking about?' He's like, 'We were born in different years!' "

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos attend the 92nd Annual Academy Awards at Hollywood and Highland on February 09, 2020 in Hollywood, California.
Amy Sussman/Getty

Meanwhile, Consuelos wasn't just complaining about his clothing problem at his birthday bash. He was also asking questions about Seacrest's new girlfriend, Aubrey Paige.

The 23-year-old model — who Ripa gushed about on Live, saying she was "so fond of her" — is taller than Seacrest. Their height difference intrigued Consuelos, the actor wanting "to know the aerodynamics" of how their romance works, according to Ripa.

"Mark pulled me aside at the beginning of the night. He said, 'Can I ask you a question? … She's really tall. She's taller than you, and much taller in heels. How does that work?'" Seacrest, 47, said. "I was like, 'What are you asking me?' "

"He was so confused. He was like, 'When you walk together, who's arm goes where?' "

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Ripa then teased that Consuelos is "one to talk with those arms of his," referencing their incompatible arm lengths. "He just realized there's a whole world out there he's never been able to explore," she joked.

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