Lola Consuelos Styled Mom Kelly Ripa's TV Hair Using a Viral TikTok Hack

On Tuesday's episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan, Ripa revealed that her 18-year-old daughter is stepping in as her hairstylist

Even Kelly Ripa is testing TikTok beauty hacks while self-quarantining.

During Tuesday’s at-home episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan, the talk show host revealed that daughter Lola Consuelos styled her hair using an innovative curling technique she saw on the video-sharing social media platform.

“My daughter learned how to do my hair using the tie of your bathrobe. She watched a TikTok video on how to do hair by wrapping your hair around the bathrobe tie,” Ripa, 49, told co-host Ryan Seacrest. “And my daughter did my hair!”

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Courtesy Live with Kelly and Ryan

The app is filled with random hair and makeup hacks — everything from applying powder before foundation to blow-drying your eyelashes for a lifted effect — so it’s no surprise that 18-year-old Lola (who Ripa shares with husband Mark Consuelos) discovered this heatless styling tip on TikTok.

As demonstrated by TikTok user Bri Harmon, celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan and others, the technique involves wrapping damp hair around a bathrobe before bed to create beachy waves the next morning.

“Seriously shook how well these curls turned out,” Marjan (who works with stars including Khloé Kardashian, Ashley Graham and Kristin Cavallari) captioned her video.

As for her at-home hair color, Ripa said: “I’ve been spraying my roots. At this point it’s all spray because my hair is all gray.”

Kelly Ripa (L) and Lola Grace Consuelos
Kevin Mazur/Getty

She also admitted that she’s been wearing Lola’s clothes, after Seacrest brought up the fact that he’s “running out of things to wear for the show.”

“I’m now in my daughter’s clothes,” she shared with their at-home audience. “It’s gone there.”

Last month, Lola made a guest cameo on Live with Kelly and Ryan, where she opened up about “being under lockdown” with her parents during the coronavirus pandemic.

Kelly Ripa and her daughter Lola from today's Live with Kelly and Ryan
Kelly Ripa and her daughter Lola on Live with Kelly and Ryan. ABC

“It’s honestly not as bad as I thought,” Lola said. “I think we’re all just very lucky to be together at home, all of us. A lot more family time, which is great.”

The couple’s three kids — including sons Michael, 22, and Joaquin, 17 — are all at home social distancing as a family.

And when Seacrest asked the mother-daughter duo if they would film a Consuelos family TikTok together, both Kelly and Lola shot him down.

“Are we going to see your mom and your dad doing a TikTok video with you over the weekend?” the TV personality asked.

“No,” Kelly replied, before Lola joked: “Thank god, no.”

“You have a better chance of doing a TikTok video with Lolz than we have of doing a TikTok video with Lola,” Ripa told her talk show co-host. “That I can guarantee you.”

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