Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos Are Focused on Family and Giving Back This Holiday: 'It Means Everything to Us'

The couple hosted a holiday party for the N.Y.C.-based charity Win NYC on Friday

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos’ daughter Lola has a flair for fashion — but she didn’t get it from her parents.

The couple opened up to PEOPLE about their 18-year-old daughter’s sense of style while delivering smiles with Amazon to host a holiday party on Friday for N.Y.C.-based charity Win NYC, which provides shelter and housing for homeless families, and deliver items from the organizations AmazonSmile Charity List.

“She’s cool. She’s really cool. She’s always been cool,” the Riverdale actor, 48, told PEOPLE of Lola, a freshman at New York University, before making it clear that he and his wife “have nothing to do with it.”

“We have nothing to do with it literally because she’s mortified by everything we put on,” added the Live with Kelly and Ryan co-host, 49.

Of course, having a fashionista for a daughter does have its perks. “I do ask her for advice sometimes,” Consuelos said, noting that he’ll seek help when it comes to matching different parts of an outfit together.

“You know, she’ll let us know if something’s bad,” he explained.

Kelly Ripa and Lola Consuelos
Kelly Ripa, Lola Consuelos. Erik Pendzich/Shutterstock

However, Ripa’s experience of talking fashion with her daughter is a little different.

“She doesn’t even bother with me. She just feels that what I wear is embarrassing and awful,” the mom of three said. “But then I think that means that I’ve gotten something right.”

Ripa noted, “I don’t think your teenage daughters should like what you’re wearing.”

Kelly Ripa, husband Mark Consuelos, daughter Lola Consuelos, sons Michael Consuelos and Joaquin Consuelos

Ripa and Consuelos are also proud parents to sons Michael, 22, and Joaquin, 16.

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And when it comes to the holiday season, their number one priority is spending time together as a family. “Time is really the thing we value,” Ripa shared.

“We try not to deviate from how we were raised,” she said, noting that she and her husband were both taught to appreciate “the stuff that you cannot buy, which is being together.”

Ripa added: “They’re making more stuff all the time, but they’re not making more time. So time is really the thing we value.”

Which is why they gave their time to attend the Win NYC holiday party. “Thank goodness there are places like this that are really focused on breaking the cycle of homelessness, which is so, so special,” said Consuelos.

“We’ve really been very fortunate in our lives, our kids are healthy and our parents are relatively healthy and, so we’ve been blessed beyond, beyond,” Ripa added. “So to be able to be involved with an organization like this and give a little something back means everything to us because we’ve already been blessed beyond our wildest dreams.”

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