The Live with Kelly and Ryan co-host continues to put her hairdressing skills to the test at home as she gives her kids haircuts while social distancing

By Kaitlyn Frey
June 10, 2020 12:17 PM
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Kelly Ripa has been moonlighting as a hairstylist while she's been social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic — and at this rate, she's ready to become a pro!

After already giving herself some trims using kitchen scissors and cutting 22-year-old son Michael Consuelos' hair on Live with Kelly and Ryan, the talk show host, 49, added another family member to her haircut clientele: her 17-year-old son Joaquin Consuelos.

During an episode of the morning talk show co-hosted with Ryan Seacrest, Ripa revealed that she's "cut every member of our family's hair now during quarantine." So when it came time to give Joaquin a trim, Ripa brought a camera along in the bathroom and filmed the experience to show herself at work.

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"Joaquin has my hair. Everybody else in the family has [my husband] Mark [Consuelos'] hair. It is bone straight. It is shiny. It is easy to cut. It just sort of lays the right way," Ripa explained. "Joaquin and I have the same head of hair which is to say it is wiry, it's thick, it's dense, it's got lots of layers. So it's not the easiest hair to cut."

Ripa explained that while Joaquin was arguing with her the night before, she decided to shoot the timelapse video as she trimmed his hair. "I think I have a future in $500 haircuts. You know how haircuts are so expensive for men now, that they're all $500?  I'm like, 'I'm going to give you a $500 haircut,'" she told Seacrest.

While she was so focused on the cut, Ripa didn't even realize that she had "cut my hand in three places" and was "bleeding all over the place." She added, "Look at how fast I work!"

Seacrest seemed pretty impressed by Ripa's expertise. "You actually look like you are holding the follicles, going in for the layering and the texturing," he said. "In that high speed video you look like you know what you are doing."

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The mom of three said that by getting so many haircuts herself over the years, she feels like she's picked up some tricks from the pros that have helped her master the skill.

"If I see something, I think I can do it, I'm one of those, I'm not malignantly narcissistic, but I have enough narcissism to believe that if I see something on TV I naturally have mastered it," Ripa said.

Even though her son was a little apprehensive about going on TV, Ripa convinced him to debut the final new look on her show. "This is the after!" she said. "Dude, it looks great!" Seacrest said.

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"I know, she did a really good job. I'm really happy. I feel much more aerodynamic now. The only thing is, I turn on my phone and I have a Face ID, and it doesn't recognize me because I used to look like Judge Judy," Joaquin said. "It doesn't know who I am."

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Joaquin was so impressed by his mom's work that he thinks "we might not actually have to go to the barbershop ever again." He added, "This is a game changer."