Kelly Ripa Encourages Daughter Lola's Body Confidence: 'If I Had Your Figure, I'd Be Sitting Here Naked'

The talk show host also tells PEOPLE her 19-year-old daughter has "the chicest sense of style" and wears everything "with confidence"

Even though Lola Consuelos has a closet full of satin slips, baby doll dresses, vintage-inspired jeans and cool kicks, the fashionable teenager still borrows clothes from mom Kelly Ripa.

In an exclusive video interview for PEOPLE’s inaugural Family Issue, Ripa, 49, gushes about her 19-year-old daughter’s effortless style, while Consuelos confesses to stealing a few of her mom’s crop tops in the past because she “wanted something that showed off my figure.”

The talk show host (who covers the issue with her daughter and the rest of the Ripa-Consuelos family — Ripa's husband Mark Consuelos, 49, and sons Michael, 23, and Joaquin, 17) sweetly responds: "If I had your figure, I’d be showing it off too."

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"I’d be sitting her naked," she jokes. "I’d be sitting here, no clothes on, in the woods."

The mother-daughter shared another sweet exchange when Ripa reflected on Consuelos's sophisticated fashion sense after being asked what she would wear from her daughter's closet.

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"The one item of clothing that I would wear from my daughter’s closet is every article of clothing she owns," the Live with Kelly and Ryan star shares. She then turns to face her daughter and says, "If I could pull off your clothes, I would in a heartbeat. You’ve got the chicest sense of style and you wear everything with confidence."

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Kelly Ripa and Lola Consuelos. Lev Radin/Getty Images

Ripa sometimes wishes Consuelos would dress more conservatively — like most moms of teenagers! — but ultimately admires her daughter's cool sense of style.

"Sometimes I think to myself, “Gee, I wish she would put a sweater on. She looks cold"," Ripa jokes, adding, "I’m always glad when you don’t because you have your own individual style and I just think you rock it."

And when it comes to social media, Consuelos doesn't have any problems holding back her true feelings on Ripa's approach to Instagram.

"Something my mom posts on social media that I would never is the comments back to the haters," Consuelos says in the interview clip.

Family Issue cover
Mark Consuelos, Kelly Ripa and their kids Michael (left), Lola and Joaquin on the cover of PEOPLE's Family Issue.

"But that's why the people follow me!" her mom interjects. Consuelos replies: "I understand. But I just don't even think you should give them the time of day. I mean these people are sitting at home wishing they were you."

However, the Live with Kelly and Ryan co-host believes that she and her haters "have a healthy relationship with each other," and she doesn't take their comments too seriously.

"I think that it's a give and take because...the people that I clap back to are very clever," Ripa tells her daughter. "They're usually very funny, I usually get a good chuckle out of it. They deserve the little pepper! They deserve it. They need it."

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