Kelly Ripa Cuts Son Michael Consuelos' Hair with Kitchen Scissors on Live with Kelly and Ryan

The TV host cut her son's hair on air while her co-host Ryan Seacrest also attempted to give himself an at-home trim

Kelly Ripa, Ryan Seacrest

Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest showed off their barbershop skills on Thursday's episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan.

In a segment providing tips for men on cutting their own hair, Ripa, 49, and Seacrest, 45, got advice from hair expert Xavier Cruz, founder of Barba Men's Grooming Boutique in N.Y.C. Cruz demonstrated the best techniques on his partner (in business and life!) Juan Pablo Gomez. Seacrest followed along on himself, while Ripa enlisted the help of her oldest son with husband Mark Consuelos, Michael, 22.

"I have scissors. Kitchen scissors," said Ripa, who recently revealed that she's been cutting her own hair with kitchen scissors while staying at home. Nonetheless, Cruz had some helpful tips for getting a clean cut.

"If you’re just using scissors, you can do a scissor over comb. Michael already cut his hair so you want to just clean it up a little bit," explained Cruz. "Just take some small sections and clean up the ends. … Small easy little snips, that’s all you need."

<a href="" data-inlink="true">Kelly Ripa</a>, Ryan Seacrest
<a href="" data-inlink="true">Kelly Ripa</a>, Ryan Seacrest

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Ripa used barrettes to hold back some of her son's hair as she worked through sections of his hair.

For those using clippers, like Seacrest, the celebrity barber advises starting with the largest setting to be on the safe side. "And you’re going to start with the back with the sides, and you’re going to go straight up and to the bottom of your crown. Easy strokes. When you get to the top, flip the buzzer away."

<a href="" data-inlink="true">Kelly Ripa</a>, Ryan Seacrest

Later on, Live producer Michael Gelman joined in, with his daughter Jamie, who volunteered to cut his hair. Ripa joked, "Poor Jamie. I hope you’re making money for therapy after this is all over."

Earlier in the episode, Seacrest asked his co-host if her husband had ever shaved his head fully. "Mark has shaved his head completely bald, many times," she explained. "He’s done it for roles, like when he’s gotten a role on the show and he’s had to shave his head. And then he’s just done it for pleasure/to upset me.”

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Last week, Consuelos joined his wife on air to debut his new mustache. Ripa later posted a side-by-side picture of her husband and his father to show their matching facial hair. She wrote in the caption, "1966 vs. today. @Instauelos the daddy doesn’t fall far from the tree."

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