December 15, 2011 11:00 PM

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Guess you can’t live in the material world forever. Kelly Osbourne is signing off as the face of Madonna and Lourdes Leon’s tween clothing line, Material Girl. The reality star is currently on the hunt for her replacement, helping out with a nationwide search to find the next face of the brand.

“I’m sad, but I’m really excited to help pick the next girl and that I got to be a part of this process,” she told PEOPLE at a Material Girl model casting in New York on Monday.

“Kelly was at every audition,” Leon added. “I was only at one and I did the online stuff. It was … difficult because we only get photos and resumes.”

How does one become the next Material Girl? “They get on stage in the middle of Macy’s on a microphone in front of the mall. It’s really intimidating — really scary,” Osbourne said. “But it gave me faith in the female kind again seeing these awesome young girls on stage spilling their guts. One girl drove 20 hours!”

While becoming the next Material Girl is no easy feat, Osbourne says it’s well worth the work. “I can’t even tell you what it’s done for my confidence,” she said, adding, “To be a face of a fashion line? I’m not even a model citizen.”

Palling around with Madonna’s daughter wasn’t so bad either. “Kelly was really involved and just really fun to work with. We’re very similar and we’re both really awkward, so we understand each other,” Leon offered.

“You don’t even know how many times we got in trouble because we were doing things we weren’t supposed to be doing [during shoots],” added Osbourne.

Osbourne officially passes the torch in February and from there, her future with the brand is uncertain. “I don’t know [if I’ll be involved],” she said, adding, “I am going to the first photo shoot with the girls.”

But if Leon has her way, Osbourne will be around for quite some time. “Of course [she’ll be involved],” she said. “We’re pallies. We’re pals.”

–Carlos Greer


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