March 15, 2011 02:30 PM

Michael Buckner/WireImage

No need to call the Fashion Police: Kelly Osbourne knows what flatters her figure. “Because I’m short — and I’m not calling myself fat when I say this, but I’m a rounder girl, I’m not a stick — I wear stuff that fits my curves,” she told PEOPLE Thursday night during a dinner at Il Sole in Los Angeles celebrating the new book What To Wear, Where. This means “no A-line or empire cuts” and a focus on her tiny waist, she shares. And thanks to her recent weight loss, she’s been able to have even more fun with fashion. “I’ve always dressed the same but before I wasn’t able to fit into the clothes I wanted to wear,” she explained. Now, “I just think I’m very me. I’m the girliest tomboy you’ll ever meet.” Effortlessly chic Thursday in her dress and jacket, Osbourne said she relies on her mood when choosing what to wear. “As cheesy as it sounds I think getting dressed is a really emotional experience, ” she shared. “I get dressed for how I feel. I’m not the kind of girl that has to go to the party and be the prettiest girl in the room. I want the most comfortable.” Michelle Ward


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