Why Kelly Clarkson's Daughters Inspire Her 'Y'all, I Just Really Don't Care' Beauty Mantra

Kelly Clarkson prefers to embrace her natural beauty over wearing tons of makeup

When it comes to beauty, Kelly Clarkson doesn’t worry about taking things too seriously. Quite the opposite, in fact.

“My beauty mantra is, ‘Y’all, I just don’t really care!'” the singer, 35, told PEOPLE in her candid Q&A for The Beautiful Issue.

“And I mean that in a positive way. I just don’t care about things I feel like people put a lot of weight and gravity in,” she continued. “I do thank my upbringing for that. I just, I care about things that I feel like are important. So my beauty mantra is just to be a beautiful, kind, nice and thoughtful [person].”

In fact, she gets most of her beauty inspiration from a surprisingly carefree source: The daughters she’s raising with husband Brandon Blackstock. “[My beauty icon] might be our daughters,” she said. “Not to say that our boys aren’t devilishly handsome! I just mean our girls are so different, and they’re just bold in their own ways and it’s beautiful to watch just fresh-faced kids adoring life and enjoying their life. It’s not chaotic yet with any of the BS that gets put on women sometimes.”

Clarkson’s approach to beauty stems from what her own mother taught her about inner beauty as she was growing up.

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“[My mom] was never like, ‘Oh, you’re the most beautiful girl ever!’ She never focused on that. It was always a different kind of beauty with her and I think that’s why I’m kind of a walking Hallmark card about it,” Clarkson said.

“I really do think that, yes, it’s nice to look beautiful and it’s nice to get dolled up,” she continued. “But, it’s a different kind of thing when you get a smile from someone because you’ve done something that’s touched them. And I think that my mom complimented me in the best way growing up that wasn’t about aesthetics. It was about what’s happening inside and your character.”

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As for when Clarkson feels the most beautiful? “When I have zero makeup on!” she said.

The singer continued, “I like putting it on sometimes ’cause you’re just like, ‘Damn, I look good. I can clean up!’ But, I love a fresh face. I love my face and I love to put my hair in a messy bun with my jeans and a t-shirt and doing whatever the hell I wanna do with my time during the day and not worry about having to look perfect all the time.”

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