By StyleWatch
Updated December 30, 2008 04:52 PM

Tony R. Phipps/FilmMagic

Who doesn’t love shoe shopping? Well, country star Kellie Pickler shared her joy in hitting the famous 10022-SHOE department at Saks Fifth Avenue. She blogs on her MySpace page, “As soon as I arrived on Sunday [in N.Y.C.] I jumped off the plane and headed straight to my favorite place in Manhattan, the shoe department in Saks 5th Avenue!!!” And she even offers tips for those of us who might not have been there yet. “For first timers….just look for the elevator that says “Express Elevator To Shoes”….it’s like an elevator to heaven. lol. This shoe department is so fabulous it has it’s own zip code!!!! :)” If you can’t join Kellie in shopping at Saks in person, check out their fabulous shoe selection online at