Celebrity Brow Expert Kelley Baker Reveals How to Get Your Best Brows Ever

The pro — whose client list includes the Kardashians, Shay Mitchell, Lea Michele and more — opens up about safely re-opening her business after lockdown, and shares her tips and tricks for getting your post-quarantine brows back in shape

celeb brow expert Kelley Baker
Photo: Kelley Baker/Instagram

Now that most salons and spas across the country have re-opened with health and safety guidelines in place amid the coronavirus pandemic, many are booking visits to see their stylists, manicurists and estheticians to address all their beauty concerns.

Below, celebrity eyebrow expert Kelley Baker shares how her LA-based business has changed due to the pandemic and reveals her tips and tricks for reviving your beauty routine post-quarantine. And luckily, whether you embraced a bushy look or picked up tweezers and over-plucked, the brand owner assures that no brow mistake is too big to fix.

Did you stay in contact with your clients during lockdown?

The first two months, everyone was pretty much just scared of the virus. Then it was like, ″Okay, how do we maintain this [quarantine lifestyle]?″ I was trying to teach people how to groom their own brows through online videos. Rather than tell people how to wax and tweeze their brows at home, I said this is the perfect time and opportunity for you to let your brows grow.

What's your advice for people who avoided the tweezer, and are now rocking a fuller brow?

My brand has a highlighter pencil that opens up your eyes and lift your brows, and make your brows look perfect. At the same time, it conceals any imperfections. So you can use that highlighter to cover sparse hairs so you feel pretty, but you're also not messing up your own eyebrows at home.

KelleyBaker brows
Kelly Baker Best of Brows Deluxe Brow Kit. KelleyBaker

...And what about people who over-tweezed during quarantine?

I always recommend that people come in to see a professional. I also always say that there's something to do to [fix] every single person's brows, whether they're over-tweezed, whether you think you've ruined them, whether you have sparse patches or whether they're super thin. A common misconception is that, ″Oh, there's nothing you can do." And I promise you, there is something we can do to any single person that walks in.

KelleyBaker brows
Kelly Baker Stay at Home Kit. KelleyBaker

Is it important to wait for over-plucked hairs to grow back before you go into a salon to get your brows reshaped?

No! It's our job to make you look good, and to help you during that process. The goal is always to make sure that your brows look like they belong to you.

When did you re-open your Los Angeles salon, and how are you keeping both customers and employees safe?

My salon is actually kind of like a craftsman's house in Venice, so I have a front and back patio. We set up tents and lounge chairs and literally just started waxing outside. The clients had no problems with it...I think we're the busiest we've ever been. It's insane.

We've installed wall hand sanitizers with motion sensors. In the front of our store, we have a sign that says, ″Call us when you're here." We come and open the door for them personally, so there's no hand touching. Everyone has to wear a mask.

We have the X's along the sidewalk where people should stand in line, six feet apart. When they walk in, we walk them straight to the hand sanitizer, and say they can either sanitize their hands, or they can choose to use the bathroom and wash their hands there. Check-ins are done electronically. Customers fill out a form online that asks whether they've traveled, if they're feeling healthy, etc. We have everything covered.

How can brows enhance your look when wearing a mask?

Even when we don't have a mask on, the eyes are the focal point. Your brows frame your face. So, specifically now with our masks, that's really kind of the only thing that we can glam up a little bit. Or even if it's not glam, just feel pretty. That's one of the reasons why brows have become so cool, is because you can fill them in just a little bit here and there, and it's going to just make them a completely different look.

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