Kellan Lutz on 'Bringing Happiness' Back to Clothing

The actor says his capsule collection for Abbot + Main by Dylan George is all about feel

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For Kellan Lutz, clothing is all about comfort.

“It’s all about the material, the softness,” he tells PEOPLE. “Growing up, I would go shopping and instead of looking at the colors or brand, I’d go to different stores, find the circular racks and I’d walk around them with my hand out, without looking at the shirts. Once I found one that felt good on my hand, I’d stop to see if I liked it.”

Lutz brings that passion for all things cozy to his Abbot + Main by Dylan George collection, which debuted in August. “For spring, it’s all about staying true to Los Angeles, and incorporating hues from neons to rich, saturated shades of blue,” he shares of the latest offerings. “The last couple of years have been about earthy tones, and I want to bring back the happiness, the color in what you’re wearing.”

The Twilight star entered the business as a model, and says he learned a lot from the designers he worked for. “It’s nice to come full-circle and get back into the fashion world,” he shares. And because of his experience, he now has friends coming to him, asking for advice on what to wear — and he’s able to steer them toward Abbot + Main.

“It’s fun to wear it out, have people ask where you got it, and then tell them your story,” he says. But guys don’t have to be as buff as the athletic star to wear the clothes; Lutz says the line is “built for anyone.” There are tops and pants for women, too, which Lutz is particularly excited about.

“I know what I like seeing girls in, but obviously I’m not a girl,” he explains. “So I have a great team to help me take the looks I love and help me create them.” (Expect to see another round of ads for the collection, this time with Sports Illustrated cover girl Kate Upton, this spring.)

Lutz will show off the latest from the line Saturday at Bloomingdale’s at Roosevelt Field mall in Garden City, New York. “It blows my mind that we created a line and it’s in a store now, a store that I once saved so much money to shop at,” he shares. And he’s extra excited to be there while celebrating his 27th birthday (his actual birthday is Thursday).

“In a fun way, that’s my birthday present,” he says of the event. “To have my clothes in Bloomingdale’s is probably the coolest present I’ve been given, and to get to hang out with a bunch of fans and supporters … it’ll just make my day.”

–Kate Hogan


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