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December 20, 2016 03:29 PM

As her most recent fashionable forays through the streets of New York have proven, Keke Palmer is here to slay. Though the temperatures in the Big Apple may be dipping below the freezing point, the Scream Queens actress appears to be immune to the chill because her wardrobe filled with barely there fashions is totally en fuego. And if you thought the apparel she’s been bringing to the streets was out of control, just wait until you see what designer gems she’s been hiding away in the back of her closet, all of which she unearthed for an exclusive interview with Coveteur, confessing her undying love for wigs, drugstore eyelashes and all things Vetements.

Palmer confessed that while her wardrobe may be packed full of the latest in high-end streetwear, “I’m one of those people, I love and adore my basic pieces because they last me forever.” That doesn’t mean she doesn’t like to splurge on occasion though, adding, “I like to shop and give my style a good balance because I’m not the kind of person who overindulges in clothing. Partly because of the people that follow me, I don’t want them to feel like the only way they can be fly is if they’re in the latest designer things. Of course we admire designer pieces, because they’re beautiful, they’re art pieces—but you don’t have to feel like if you don’t buy every single thing then you’re not dope.”

She admits, however, that “If I had to pick one designer to dress me it would probably be Alexander Wang. I like his style, he’s very young and fresh. He seems very inspired by the culture, which I am as well, so I think we would see eye to eye.”

But, at the same time, no one ever said dressing and being exactly who you are is easy. The actress explains, “There’s excessive pressures for women, they don’t know if they should be the natural b***h or if they should be the plastic b***h. Because as soon as I become that natural girl, someone’s telling me I need to slap a perm on my head. And as soon as I become that girl with the perm on my head, someone’s telling me that I need to be that natural girl. It comes down to the individual being comfortable with themselves to disregard those beauty norms.”

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Courtesy Coveteur

And just as her choice in apparel is loud, bold, and take no prisoners, she’s also unafraid to speak her mind on social media. “I am one of those people that is outspoken because I do have a platform,” she tells Coveteur, “I think, ‘Can I turn this into an example?’ I’m definitely big on, like, shining lights on situations and having an insightful moment because that’s just my personality. I’m always thinking, ‘What’s the message behind this?’”

In terms of her go-to beauty looks, she says, “I really love wigs because I’m so into changing my look up, whether it’s with my makeup or hair. I’m a little bit crazier with my hair than I would be with my makeup, I’m always looking for a way to press that button and go there.”

While she’s now a makeup pro, it’s taken her a longtime and lots of experience in the industry to learn how to get her look just right and master all the tricks of the trade. But she adds, there’s one secret you can easily pull of no matter your personal skill level—“Lashes, lashes, lashes! That’s my huge beauty trick. Lashes give you that extra kick. It really does and you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for them. My favorite currently are the mink lashes, Scott Barnes and Lilly Ghalichi have really great ones. But you can get great ones from CVS, too.”

Courtesy Covetuer

She also explained how she gets her pout perfectly on point telling the site, “My go-to lip color is one of those darker pink colors from MAC, but I like to put on a Buxom color too. Buxom is my favorite lip gloss, I love them so much. I think they just have such a pretty gloss and my lips always feel so gorgeous when I have it on.”

What do you think of Keke’s fashion and beauty tips? Which ones will you be stealing for yourself? Sound off below!


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