The actress opens up about her crazy hair changes and her Scream Queens character's strands
Credit: Courtesy Mane Addicts

Keke Palmer can barely make it through the week without drastically switching up her hairstyle. In the past seven days alone, she’s rocked a bright red pixie, a red banged look, and an icy platinum blue wig. So you won’t be surprised to discover that when she posed for Jen Atkin‘s site, Mane Addicts, she went all out in the hair department. We spoke to Palmer after her shoot to learn everything from her off-duty hairstyle to her Scream Queens character Zayday’s favorite looks. Below, see exclusive shots from her Mane Addicts shoot, and find out all about her chameleon hair ways.

Her hair allows her to be bold
“I think I do [change it often] because I’m always exploring the different layers, and to me, changing my hair style helps me represent that bold attitude in an extroverted fashion. I just love not being afraid to be me.”

Her usual off-duty look involves short hair
When asked what hairstyle makes her feel most like herself, Palmer says, “all of them really, but I do love short hair on my lowest-of-key days.” And short hair isn’t the only thing she goes for. Palmer adds that her off-duty style includes: “Dad cap. Glasses. Sweats. Normally. But the moment I walk out of my house, even if its without makeup, I’m giving you a lewk honey.”

Credit: Courtesy Mane Addicts

There’s not a look that she won’t try.
“I just recently tried a blue-ish platinum that I’m living for. It was kind of an accident!” And as for the shades she’d never try, they don’t exist. Palmer says, “I’m always down for a dare.”

And when she’s not filming, it’s time to experiment.
“When I’m not filming, I’m outside of my character and I’m not held back by the continuity of filming and so on — I can really explore without any inhibitions.”

Which is why she turns to wigs to switch things up.
The easiest way to experiment? Palmer says, “Try a wig. It’s not your hair and it’s easy to fix!”

Her Scream Queens character Zayday has taught her a major fashion lesson
“Accessorize everything,” Palmer says, adding that she relates to the character because of “her confidence. It’s her best accessory and it’s also mine.”

She appreciate Zayday’s looks … especially when she mixes it up.
“She’s the everyday girl. Kind of the classic cool girl with style and business appeal. She would want pretty but simple, something universal like long locks.” But her favorite look of Zayday’s? The Cleopatra look she wore with her Halloween costume.

For more from Palmer, head over to Mane Addicts. And tell us: What do you think of Palmer’s ever-changing hair?