She's a "mood" dresser


Keke Palmer is such a fearless dresser it’s impossible to predict what she’ll step out wearing next (we’re still not over her Leonardo DiCaprio leather chaps). So when she stopped by People Now, we needed to understand what exactly goes into her getting-ready process every morning. Turns out her style formula is pretty simple — it’s all based on her mood.

“When it comes to my style it’s all about expression and getting my mood for the day in one look,” Palmer says.

She says she considers everything she needs to do that day then incorporates her mood into the look. (We don’t know if we’d ever wear a skin-tight jumpsuit to Barnes & Noble, but that’s why we’re not Keke!)

She asks herself if she wants to be flirty, sporty or a little bit of everything then she “picks little things at a time” to make her outfit a masterpiece.

Check out some of her latest looks, below that range from sexy to sporty to downright risqué!

Palmer also likes to experiment with her hair, recently saying that she switches up her look often because, “I’m always exploring the different layers, and to me, changing my hair style helps me represent that bold attitude in an extroverted fashion. I just love not being afraid to be me.”

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