September 06, 2010 02:00 PM

Circe Baumgartner/MTV STYLE

From the wacky face paint to the all-over body glitter, it’s pretty clear that pop singer Ke$ha doesn’t really care what’s cool, which is exactly the look she is going for! When it comes to her style–and her new album– Ke$ha tells, “It’s a celebration of being broke and not really caring what other people think.” And although the 22-year-old star has belted out musical hits that have heated up every dance floor across the country, you won’t find her spending her Hollywood paycheck on designer clothes. “It’s pulling from vintage, it’s pulling from contemporary, it’s pulling from the garbage…” she says about her outlandish clothes. Check out this video where the quirky Ke$ha will introduce you to her garbage-shopping secrets. And to hear more from Ke$ha on her beauty routine and how she removes all that glitter, visit –Jessie Goldberg

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