PeopleStyle editors swear by Keds Extra Low Cut Non-Slip Liner Socks

By Sharon Kanter
July 06, 2017 02:58 PM
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Credit: Keds

If you’ve ever bought a pair of loafers or flats that completely cut up your foot when worn without socks or have had a pair of no-slip socks that, in fact, do slip, then this story is for you. 1) We’ve been there. 2) We have a solution.

I discovered these feet-saving treasures only recently. I had just bought a fabulous, very fashion-girl pair of loafers that looked amazing (obviously) but gave me bloody heels (obviously). And, after a series of Band-Aid fails — I left a very sorry trail all over N.Y.C. — I decided that better cushioning was not only a want, but an absolute need.

I ended up finding these Keds Low Cut Non-Slip Liner Socks by chance, after a friend said she wore these with her sneakers in the summer to avoid VSL (Visible Sock Lines). I looked down at her feet astonished. I saw no VSL. I saw no bloody heels. Could it be?

I immediately purchased two five-packs at $15 each, which as the number cruncher that I am, I figured provided me with 10 pairs of socks for $3 each (math = good). And I assure you, it’s well worth the low investment: The non-slip socks actually do not slip (this is major because so many non-slips actually do!) and they have no VSL when you’re wearing low-top sneakers, loafers or flats. Plus, they come in an array of hues to match your footwear to provide further concealment, like white, nude, black and a range of pretty pastels, as seen above.

I wore them to work, right here at the PEOPLE offices with my formerly-treacherous-and-now-super-comfortable-fashion-girl loafers, and everyone was all, “How are you wearing those without socks?!” And I said, “Ah, don’t be fooled. I am.” Now, they’re hooked on Keds, too.

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