Katy Perry's Tokyo Style Statement Is Not to Be Missed

It's definitely an interesting choice

Just when you thought Katy Perry might be hanging up her crazy costumes to become more of a $6,000-gown-at-Coachella kinda girl, she touches down in Tokyo wearing this and puts all those thoughts to rest.

Katy Perry schoolgirl outfit in Tokyo


For a tour of Tokyo’s Harajuku district, Perry selected a “look-at-me” ensemble consisting of (from the bottom up) patent loafers and Bobby socks, a pleated mini, a Chanel belt bag, a button-up shirt with a kitty face on the pocket, two long braids and a fuzzy surgical mask designed to look like a cat nose and mouth.
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Waitaminute,” you might be thinking to yourself. “Is this cultural appropriation? And if so, didn’t she learn her lesson after that time she dressed as a geisha to sing ‘Unconditionally’ and people freaked out?” The answers to your questions are, it appears so, and it appears not. But as Avril Lavigne asked after the major backlash to her “Hello Kitty” music video, can it really be offensive if you have fans in that particular culture? (We know how we’d answer that, but perhaps others feel differently.)

Do you love Perry’s look or find it a bizarre choice? Share below!

–Alex Apatoff

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