Katy Perry's Met Gala Stylist: If It Were Up to Me, She Would Have Had Eyebrows

"She wanted to have to have fun with it. She's freaking Katy Perry!" says stylist Leslie Fremar. "That's what she does -- she has fun!"

If there’s one celeb who knows how to embrace a theme, it’s Katy Perry, who showed up at the Met Gala in a Prada get-up and a badass beauty look that turned heads. “Oh, I dyed my brows about 45 minutes ago,” Perry told Vogue on the red carpet. “My stylist Leslie was like having a panic attack, had to drink two tequilas — she was like ‘What are you doing?!’ I’m like trust me, trust me, trust me!” So when we spoke to her stylist, Leslie Fremar, about how that look came together, she explained that Perry wasn’t kidding about her reaction. “If it were up to me would she have had eyebrows? Yes. But you know what? It wasn’t up to me,” Fremar tells PeopleStyle. “She really did just want to be bold, take risks and embrace the night. She wanted to have to have fun with it. She’s freaking Katy Perry! That’s what she does — she has fun!”


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“She’s such a visionary and I have a very strong vision myself, but there is a respect there,” explains Fremar. “She is an artist in the true form. Her honesty is what makes her so cool. When I say, ‘Listen, I actually think that you should have eyebrows tonight,’ she says, ‘Well you know what, I appreciate that but I am not going to.'”

But the aesthetic concern didn’t have to do only with the overall conception of the look. Says Fremar, “I was like, ‘Do you know that you’re not allergic to that? Do you know that you’re not going to get a rash on your face right now?’ She’s like, ‘We’ll find out!'”

Of course, the look was obviously not only about the brows. Fremar believes that Prada was the perfect designer to pair with Perry’s vision. “Prada really does stand for forward thinking, technology and innovation,” she says. “It was really cool to collaborate with them, and have conversations like, ‘We want to really go big or go home. Like really, you can go bigger!’ We pushed it to a place where you could tell that Prada made it. It was pretty powerful.”

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The look was inspired by elements of the Fall 2016 runway collection, like lush velvet and whimsical yet sturdy charms. “We just kept layering,” she says. “The more stuff we put on the better it looked — we couldn’t put enough stuff on it.” Among her accoutrements were a book (“It’s actually a notebook where you can take notes,” says Fremar), keys and moons. And yes, a (working!) Tamagotchi, which apparently you can find on Amazon.

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“She’s definitely adventurous and she knows her body, knows her fans so well which I find incredible. Her fans are super loyal to her,” says Fremar. “I do think that at the Met Gala a lot of people are trying to be different, but Katy is different. So it felt organic to push it to the very edge.”

Ultimately, she’s proud of the polarizing effect of the overall look. “Some people love it and some people hate it but, but that’s when you know you did a good job: When not everyone understands it,” she says. “If everyone understands it, it’s generic.”

–Catherine Kast

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