Sure, celebrities are showing off their most festive onesies right now (read more about the it’s the most onesieful time of the year here), but for one celeb, loungewear isn’t just for the can’t-leave-the-couch limbo between Christmas and New Year’s. For Katy Perry, “cocooning” is a year-round sport.

Katy Perry

Source Instagram

In an Instagram selfie, the self-described “robe aficionado” shares the secret to maintaining maximum chill in 2016, while wearing a monogrammed robe and full-face of makeup of course.

“I decided to extend my obsession for a constant state of coziness to my friends & family this Christmas by gifting them their own monogrammed one. I wanna give a shout out annnnnnd I guess share my adult blanket with everyone this winter.”

Her Barefoot Dreams robe retails for $127, comes in an array of colors and (according to Perry) is suitable to wear anywhere. “If you see me in the grocery store just wearing this, know that I’m happy AF.”

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Earlier this year, she addressed her robe-wearing MO, telling PEOPLE, “Honestly, half of the time I’m walking around looking like [Jeff Bridges in] The Big Lebowski.”

And for the 2015 holiday season, she took a stab at onesie-designing, collaborating with Beloved Shirts for a four-piece theme collection, loved by the Kardashian-Jenner family.

There’s a gingerbread man, Santa Claus, snowman and Christmas tree decked out in pizza ornaments, but the really unique thing about her designs is that the one-piece zips all the way to the top to cover the face.

Considering that Perry recently told PEOPLE if she wasn’t a singer, she’d want to be a fashion designer, here’s hoping 2016 brings even more cozy creations from the star.

Are you adding Perry’s robe to your shopping cart? Do you love lounging (or grocery shopping!) in robes? Share with us in the comments below.

–Colleen Kratofil