March 23, 2018 01:39 PM

Katy Perry‘s Witness Tour marks the first time the pop star is hitting the stage with her platinum blonde pixie.

The singer, 33, recently told PeopleStyle that she loves her short hair because “there’s nothing to hide behind,” but when it comes to creating her stage looks for the show, hairstylist and Joico guest artist Rick Henry says it takes more planning than one might expect.

“Having short hair on this tour may seem easy. We had a week of tech rehearsals to figure out the exact look that we wanted for the show. During this time, we tried multiple products to see which would hold up best through dancing and hat changes,” Henry told PeopleStyle exclusively. “Hair is a science. After lots of experimenting, we came up with that perfect look!”

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As Perry gets ready to kick off the Asian leg of the world tour, we got the lowdown from her pro about getting the “Swish Swish” singer’s mane prepped for the stage every night.

How did Katy’s short blonde hair inspire the overall tone of the Witness Tour?

If you have ever been to one of Katy’s shows in the past, you would know that she loves to switch up the looks with multiple wigs throughout the show. Right before the creative process for the Witness Tour, Katy cut her hair into the short pixie cut that it is today. This look helped create the ’80s, ’90s pop theme for the show. 

For a lot of women, cutting hair short is very liberating. It creates a feeling of freedom which I think translates into this show. It’s a sing along dance party. The energy is high on this stage! Don’t be shocked if you see her doing a cart wheel down the cat walk. 

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What’s the vibe like backstage during Katy’s glam sessions before the show?

On this tour, we have a great group of people that always travel together. It’s important to keep it light and remember to have fun. Between myself, the makeup artist and Katy, there are lots of jokes and laughs. We have a blast!

Leo Marinho/Splash News Online

How long do these pre-show glam sessions usually last?

A usual glam session for the show is about an hour and a half. Katy like to have a fun, yet zen environment. We have good conversations and some good laughs along the way. 

What do you do you to maintain her icy blonde hue while on the road? 

With Katy’s hair short, it grows fast! I color Katy’s hair every three to four weeks with Joico’s Blonde Life line. On the in-between weeks, she will use a good purple shampoo to keep that blonde nice and bright. Coloring it usually takes between an hour to and hour and a half.  It depends if we are doing a quick touch up, or the full bleach and tone.

What essential products do you always keep in your kit for tour looks?

While on the road, there are a few must haves that I always have in my kit like the Dyson Supersonic Dryer, Babyliss 1/2 flat iron, Mason Pearson brush, Joico Perfecting Blowout Creme, Joico Hair Shake and Joico Shaping & Finishing Spray

What’s your secret to keeping her hair healthy despite all the heat styling and color processing she goes through?

With being blonde and the daily styling, it can take its toll on anyone’s hair. To keep Katy’s hair healthy, it is important that we do weekly conditioning treatments. I like to “dust” her ends about every 10 days, keeping her hair in tip top shape. 

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