The pop star also hinted she might be on Broadway in the future

By Emily Kirkpatrick
August 10, 2017 10:00 AM
Steven Klein/W Magazine

Katy Perry, along with a whole slew of other A-list celebs like Kristen Stewart, Zoë Kravitz, and Cara Delevingne, chopped off all her hair in April dyeing it a shade of platinum blonde and giving us some serious Justin Bieber vibes. While she confessed to Ellen DeGeneres that the chop actually started out as an accident, saying, “Sometimes your hair falls out when you go too blonde. So, this is the way I handled it,” it seems that the musician has now grown to love the look, telling W magazine that thanks to her haircut she’s never felt so free.

For her interview with the magazine, Lynn Hirschberg asked the singer if life is more enjoyable now that she’s gotten a close crop to which she responded, “Everything is more fun with short hair!” The pop star continued, “I can just get up and go. I feel so liberated with this hair now. In general, I feel 360-degrees liberated—all around. Whether it’s politically, mentally, spiritually, sexually. I feel liberated from all the things that don’t serve me. I’m surrendering and embracing my 30s. You couldn’t give me anything to go back to my 20s. To get to this place, I had to do some much-needed work on my heart, soul, mind, and body. Since doing that, a lot of beautiful things started to bloom again.”

Steven Klein/W Magazine

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Throughout the interview she also adds that the cut has made her feel “very free” and “I must have loosened up some new chakras.” And she’s not just thrilled with her new look, the singer is also happy to be back on tour, saying, “I feel both very overwhelmed and loved when I’m on tour. People take the time, energy, and money to come see me. That connection is such a beautiful thing. It’s so amazing to see everyone let their guard down and sing one of my songs from the bottom of their lungs—they’ll let go for a second. That’s a brave thing: We just don’t let go anymore.”

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And Katy Kats could see their fav on the big screen or Broadway sometime soon as Perry says that while she’s been offered film roles in the past, “it hasn’t been quite right. I really love being the captain of my ship. If I were to do a film, I’d probably have to direct it. I’d love to do a musical! But that will come in time.”

What do you think of Katy’s new do? Do you like her better with short hair or long? Sound off below!