Katy Perry Says She and Orlando Bloom Give Each Other Fashion Advice: 'We Tell the Truth'

Katy Perry says she and fiancé Orlando Bloom are brutally honest when giving one another style tips

Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom
Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom. Photo: Emma McIntyre/Getty

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are partners in love and fashion.

During an appearance on E! News' Daily Pop show on Friday, the 37-year-old singer shared that she and The Lord of the Rings alum aren't shy about critiquing each other's outfits.

When asked if her fiancé has given her any tips for her upcoming Las Vegas residency Katy Perry: PLAY, the superstar said, "Yesterday he was shooting something and he was in full armor. We talked about the costumes and the makeup."

She added, "Or I'll have a fitting going to something, he'll ask me for notes and I'll show him this. It's fun. "

She reassured fans that she and Bloom don't hold back when giving their honest opinions.

"We tell each other the truth," the Roar singer said. "I'm like 'Babe don't wear that. You look like, something, don't.'"

She then teased a few details about her look for her Las Vegas shows, which kick off Dec. 29, revealing, "The wigs are not gonna be as wild as they have been in the past. I gave the people what they wanted."

"I went back to the black hair so I'm just gonna blow that out. It's gonna be a big, old thing. It's gonna be a little sexy," Perry continued, adding that her costumes will have "tricks in them" and "a lot of rhinestones."

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While her show will feature a number of over-the-top mane moments, Perry returned to her signature black hair color in November. She debuted the look on the 2021 CMAs red carpet while rocking a custom Vivienne Westwood asymmetrical brown leather column dress and Vivienne Westwood jewelry.

2021 CMA Arrivals
John Shearer/Getty

The chameleon's style evolution continues to excite her fans. And it looks like Perry plans on passing down pieces of her iconic wardrobe to her and Bloom's 15-month-old daughter Daisy Dove.

The American Idol judge told PEOPLE in November that she's setting aside all of her wild outfits and costumes for Daisy to try on one day.

"I kind of already have a vault," she shared. "I'm saving things for her. I don't know where she's going to be able to wear all these crazy outfits, but I'm saving them for her. Also, trust and believe I am always on the hunt on Etsy late at night just finding little cute costumes for all the holidays. I've got a gingerbread dress favorited — just all of my dreams come true."

She said that she's a "sucker" for adorable matching mommy-and-me outfits, adding that she's the expert in picking out Daisy's clothes, not Bloom.

"No, honey, I am stylist No. 1. I am the one," she said. "I am the one, and even sometimes when I'm working, our nanny will get her dressed and I'll be like, 'I like it, but let's also put her in this later.'"

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